SÉCURITÉ INVESTIGATIONS QUALI-T was founded in 1998 by Mr. Alain Perron, a retired police officer from the Sûreté du Québec.
During his career as a police officer, Mr. Perron worked in different specialized services such as:

Crime-scene technician for the Forensic Division. On thirteen occasions, the Court declared him an expert witness as a specialist in fingerprints, tool marks, step marks, tire marks, blood stain interpretation and other fields.

Corporal in charge of a team with the Surveillance Squad. During these years, he supervised a team of investigators.

Corporal in charge of a team in the Major Crimes Division. He supervised a team of investigators, conducting murder, qualified theft, extortion, abduction and confinement, hostage taking investigations and others.

With his extensive acquired expertise and the qualified team with which he has surrounded himself, Mr. Perron has founded a serious investigation company that handles files professionally and effectively

Since its founding, SÉCURITÉ INVESTIGATIONS QUALI-T has acquired a much-enviable reputation in the field of investigations due to its integrity, and the attention and the confidentiality given to each request.

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