Employment and tenant background checks

Pre-employment screening

Choose a background check service (employment and tenant) that meets your specific needs. Your time is precious! Don’t waste time and energy searching, verifying and validating your options. Hire professionals who can quickly and accurately find all the necessary answers.

Whether it is to hire an applicant or to choose the right tenant, conducting a background check is often a wise and worthwhile move.

A single meeting isn’t enough to get to know someone. Reassurance about the nature of a criminal record, from job references, a credit score or any other relevant information will help you make the right choice.

Our pre-employment and pre-rental services are discreet and fully confidential.

Most applications are processed within 24 hours, including throughout Quebec and North America.

In order to efficiently follow-up on your file, QUALI-T updates information on its website as it becomes available.

Employment & Tenant background checks

The QUALI-T HR Services and Solutions team offers:

  • General criminal record screening
  • CPIC (Canadian criminal record screening)
  • Verification of curriculum vitae
  • Verification of academic or professional degree
  • Checking professional references
  • Checking credit report status
  • Identity validation
  • Court registry services
  • ‘New’ Digital footprint services (the web leaves traces, don’t let a potential applicant tarnish your reputation with inappropriate comments on social media or other digital services)
  • Character screening
  • Checking references from a former landlord
  • Confirming past employment
  • Judgement roll or rental board verification

We are confident that our employment and tenant screening services will meet all your expectations.

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