Investigative services offered by SÉCURITÉ INVESTIGATIONS QUALI-T

Private Investigator

When in doubt, choose the services of an experienced private investigator. The private investigator will carry out the investigation and help you to better understand and resolve the situation.

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Tracing & Solvency

Do you need to have a credit check conducted and are you looking for a company specialized in the field? Entrust us with this task.

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Pre-employment and pre-hire check

Choose a background check service (employment and tenant) that meets your specific needs. Your time is precious! Don’t waste time and energy searching, verifying and validating your options. Hire professionals who can quickly and accurately find all the necessary answers.

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Computer Forensics

Computer hacking or misuse of company equipment for personal purposes has become commonplace and can be very difficult to detect. Properly examining a computer workstation allows any action to be traced, whether private or fraudulent, even if documents have been hidden, erased or protected.

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