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Welcome to the Consent page for your criminal background and reference checks. Please complete the following form as carefully as possible, making sure to fill all the necessary fields.

When everything is completed, you will receive an email confirming that your consent form has indeed been sent to the concerned persons.

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  • Informed Consent Pre-Employment Screening or Due Diligence

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  • A. Informed consent

  • A. Informed consent

    The following text will be applied by Quali-T HR Services and Solutions (QTHRSS)* acting on behalf of Cree School Board

    I hereby give authorization to obtain any of the information mentioned below and to use and/or disclose such resulting information or related information to the requestor of the above-named organization for the purpose of evaluating my application.

    • A verification regarding my judicial record (criminal, penal and civil).
    • Details regarding my employment history, including employment data verifications from any previous employer(s)/position(s) I have held; including any other pertinent information related to my candidacy;

    I understand that these informations will be kept confidentially in accordance with the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal laws, and that after the disclosure of the information, the police services and institutions can not be held responsible for its utilisation, application nor the outreach of the information. will provide a report containing the personal information collected (including information regarding my character, my reputation, my work history). I understand that my personal information will be used only for the purposes mentioned herein and I consent to its collection, use, conservation and communication subject to the provisions of this consent form. I understand that the found information and files disclose by the police services might not concern me and only the fingerprint process can solely identify me.

    I attest that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided by me in this authorization document is correct. Before signing this authorization, I have fully informed myself of its content and meaning and have a full understanding of it.

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